Why Studying Physics is Difficult

People have divided opinions on educational concepts. While some concur that all subjects are equal depending on an individual’s understanding level, others disagree that some disciplines are more comfortable while others are tough. Physics comes on top as one of the most challenging subjects to study. It leaves us with the question, what makes physics difficult?

Students fear this discipline due to various reasons; all the same, it’s a subject just like any other and can be comprehended if the correct measures and attitude are in place.

Physics involves representations of experiments, formulas, and calculations that learners believe these aspects make complicated. Like mathematics, physics is a cumulative subject; if you miss one concept, it will be challenging to grab the next one. Even though it is closely related to Mathematics, Physics has formulas and theories which need to be crammed and understood before application. This close relationship with Mathematics makes it even more complicated for learners.

As a discipline, physics also requires learners to have various methods in calculating a particular concept. Besides, a student also needs to be able to translate words and numbers from tables. Together with a much-needed ability to comprehend tough algebraic equations, it makes students freak out. Nevertheless, the following are some of the reasons that lead students to fail in physics:


  • Comprehension in the field of high mathematics
  • Lack of enough practice and revision.
  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm in learning more about the subject
  • The inferior experience about the subject

School’s Role

Students may take home inferior grades in Physics, but at times it is not their fault for a dismal performance in Physics. The School also has a role to play in making this discipline more difficult for students. Learner’s views and knowledge about this topic need a thorough examination. Why do students have a negative attitude toward Physics? What can be the best way of correcting this attitude? Schools should also focus on examining their curriculum. It involves choosing the right textbooks, assigning tutors who comprehend the subject in great depth, ensuring students complete their homework and classwork, and finally encouraging students to take up courses related to Physics. All the same, faculties should also ensure there is consistency between lab work and experiments. In conjunction, giving students with life applications and real-life problems that they can easily relate to in their learning will make Physics a more straightforward concept to comprehend. Like the students, the School has a vital role in making Physics an easier discipline to be understood by all students.


Learning is a continuous process, and in the course of this transition, some steps are easy while others are hard. There is no rigid or straightforward discipline. It all depends on the mental attitude that a person has towards a subject. Students may argue that Physics involves many complicated scenarios and applications, unlike other subjects like History or Geography, but in the end, this is an attitude of comprehension. If one can have a positive attitude towards a topic and look at it from different angles, they are bound to succeed. Altogether, tutors and faculties also have a role to play in determining this attitude. When positive measures and attitudes into place, then Physics’ difficulty will be a thing of the past.

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