Why Homework Should Be Banned?

Issuance of homework assignments has generated a lot of debate in recent years. And with the internet giving learners unfettered access to not only tons of resources but also services they can use to complete assignments, the debate is far from won. The big question, therefore, is what are the pros and cons of homework?

Four Main Reasons To Ban Homework

Well, come to think about it. While assignments have always played significance in the life of students right from the lowest level of academia to the university, debates surrounding origin of homework continues to generate heated debate around the world. That is not to mention that it not the first time people are calling on the government to ban homework. In this post, we explore reasons reason for these calls, so dive in with us to learn more.

  1. Students Need Time For Fulfill Their Hobbies

    An argument that assignments deny students a chance to develop their sporting skills through leisure activities is one of the main reasons why homework is bad. While assignments help learners improve in difficult subjects, they also deny learners a chance to relax and take part in extracurricular activities. Without taking part in sporting activities, even when at home, chances of becoming introverted are high, a character trait that is not ideal for learners.

  2. Poor Sleeping Patterns

    Every student should have enough sleep. However, with a huge backlog of assignments to do every night and even during weekends, there is no time for sleep. You must already know that sleep deprivation affects students negatively. From lack of concentration/focus to constant headaches, students who spend the whole night on Google looking for tips on how to homework are also likely to register poor grades.

  3. Timing for Assignments Is Unsuitable

    Let’s face it. Most schools, if not all, subject students to homework assignments after school hours. The timing is poor, especially because after spending at least eight hours in school, learners become tired and sleepy. The best thing students need after school hours is to go home and relax. It, therefore, goes that timing for homework is at its work, depriving learners of their valuable free time when they should relax and reflect on a day’s lesson. In the end, the negative effects of homework become more manifest than its benefits.

  4. Homework Is a Leading Cause of Stress in Students

    If there is anything that stresses students, it is homework. Think about it this way: A student goes home in the evening with lots of work assigned by different teachers and he or she is expected to complete everything the following day. Such are situations that make it difficult for learners to revise or concentrate in other subjects. The outcome is usually more stress, with little academic progress to show for many hours spent in school.

After spending eight hours in schools, hoping from one lesson to another, students deserve a good rest. It is why homework should be banned. It is a source of stress and interferes with sleeping cycle of learners. In the end, poor concentration in classroom becomes a norm.

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