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College Democrats of New York Praise Expulsion of Senator Monserrate

A clear no-tolerance policy for any misconduct or abuse of power

Yesterday, February 10, 2010, the State Senate announced the expulsion of State Senator Monserrate because of his conviction of misdemeanor assault charges. The College Democrats of New York are proud of this decision and echo the message that misconduct and domestic abuse should never be tolerated.

The College Democrats of New York’s President Ian Rivera reacted, “Senator Monserrate’s actions are not only terrible reflection of his character, but set a horrible standard for young people who look up to their elected officials. This decision is a clear indicator that elected officials should be held to the highest standards and should be a model of equitable and just representation in both their public and private lives.”

Rivera continued, “Maintaining the highest standards for our elected officials is crucial in restoring accountability and trust in government. This is one-step towards restoring legitimacy in Albany and reforming the State Senate.”

The College Democrats of New York strongly echo the public sentiment against domestic violence. “The issue of domestic violence is a non-partisan issue and cannot be tolerated by anyone, especially the lawmakers elected to serve as representatives of their consituencies. No individual should ever treat another person like Senator Monserrate did,” Rivera concluded.


The College Democrats of New York is the official college arm of the Democratic National Committee in New York State with a distinct focus on electing Democrats from the grassroots level up. With over 1,000 members in 30 chapters statewide, CDNY's young voters have left their mark canvassing all over the Northeast for Democratic candidates at the local, state, and national level. CDNY recognizes the importance of youth involvement and is dedicated to developing the next generating of Democratic leadership.


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